Next, in my … Celebrate Women’s International Day … all Month! series. Today, I introduce you to, Little Sisterz! A wonderful Italian restaurant in beautiful Spencerville, ON. This week, Gina and crew are celebrating their 3 year anniversary! Congrats everyone!!

Gina does so much for the community; often holding or supporting various fundraisers, has created employment opportunities for the area, became a community hub for grocery items, participating and creating many collaborations with local farms and other businesses. And she support artists by hosting the local artist’s group exhibitions year round. In fact, My Ladies in Red series spent a good while social distancing when Covid became our new reality. 

Speaking of which, I am looking forward to my nice drives to Spencerville to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch. And picking up supper from the take-home offerings. Always love to multitask. And let someone else do the cooking!

Gina and I have also had lots of fun with illustrations! There has been a series of Instagram comics, banners, and a “Gina” character that reflects the vibe and personality Little Sisters, Italian with a twist! There is a lot to this story however I will save that for another post. For now, consider as covid protocols allow a trip to Spencerville and Little Sisters!


Be Whimsical, Share Your Sparkle, Be You!
Barbi 🙂


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