Artist Barbi in the studio

About Barbi


Barbi Defazio is an Ottawa-based artist and illustrator, who loves to create works of art and illustrations that bring joy to everyone who sees them. Her collection includes 3 series; Whimsical Ladies, Cloud Ladies and Salvage. Her work is inspired by the stories, powerful feminine energy, and the natural world around all of us. She loves to work with entrepreneurs helping them to visually tell and create their stories.

My Story

Begins with a love of creating, the classic story of a young child that drew and created in many ways. If I look back I feel my core motivation hasn’t changed all that much. Creativity was a way to manage my stressors, a way to express myself and a way to tell stories there is no difference today.

Each of our stories are powerful and inspiring. They can be fun or serious but each is very much needed. They are a way we can connect with one another, a way to inspire or a way to show someone they are not alone.

Even in our businesses, there are stories to be told. Especially, now. Consumers and clients alike want to know who they are purchasing from. What are your values, your vibe and of course; what do you sell? So many stories to share.