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About Barbi


Barbi creates joyful illustrations inspired by our collective stories, powerful feminine energy, and the natural world. You will often see beautiful flowers and joyful personalities come alive within her art. People often smile and reminisce about happy times when viewing her art pieces. This fills her heart with Joy!

Barbi’s artist story begins with the classic story of a young child with a love and passion for creating. For the most part, this has been a steady practice throughout her life. Creativity was a way to manage her stressors and journey into another realm. Today it is no different, though she has added the desire to empower, inspire and share powerful emotions with her audience. Barbi loves being a catalyst for others to get creative, express themselves, and surround themselves with joy and light!

As a self educating artist, Barbi is a lifelong learner who has taken numerous drawing courses, screen printing and mixed-media workshops. She enjoys online creative workshops and communities. These all fuel her creativity, informs new skills and inspires new ideas. Experimenting, playing, practicing happens regularly in art journals and on test panels. More likely, she will simply go for it!

Barbi is inspired by Life! In her ever-changing role as a mother of two amazing daughters has helped to shape my perspective on the world around us and has encouraged me to continue to explore various angles and perspectives. Our collective stories are so powerful. They inspire others more than we realize. Barbi feels motivated to express her authentic self by telling stories through her art. Nature never ceases to amaze her and has inspired her to create a secret garden. Her love of flowers and a desire to protect natural habitats has led Barbi to native plants. Yes, Life is beautiful and so inspiring!

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