Welcome back to Women’s International Day Celebrations! 

Today Cokanna! Beautiful, comfortable and functional Canadian made bamboo clothing. 

I have a couple of Colleen’s pieces and they are some of the first pieces of clothing I will reach for. What do I love? These are quality pieces that are indeed comfortable and can move from casual to dressy easily. Very suited to capsule wardrobes. Also bamboo is a fabulous fabric, I find it both warm and cool as the weather changes seasons so are year round pieces as well. 

One of Colleen’s primary goals of starting her own business is to give back to the community that helped her through her cancer experience by filling a need for fashionable and functional recovery based clothing, and donating a percentage of sales to local breast cancer programs and services.

So part of your purchase is helping Colleen with this goal and I know that always makes me feel even better about a purchase. 

Be Whimsical, Share Your Sparkle, Be Sassy!
Barbi 🙂


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