Welcome to Women’s International Day Celebrations! I shout out, support and recommend local businesses, here in Ottawa, all the time. As a result, I often have people check back with me to ask about the business they are interested in. Here, on my blog, I can make posts easily searchable. Simply search Women’s Day Celebrations.

So will begin with M.A.P. Physiotherapy! Marie is the owner and physiotherapist. She is keeping my back and neck pain free or helping me to get back to that after perhaps leaning over too much when I am drawing. I always come from the appointments feeling much better, feeling “back together” and my body feels lighter … and can even feel taller after some sessions. 

So Marie Shinmoto, Janet Dill, Tamarrah Jacobs and Victoria Goodman of MAP Physiotherapy would be happy to support you on your journey to full movement and good health. Here is their contact info

“We treat people, not body parts.
If you believe in addressing your whole body rather than piecemeal parts, then come in and see us. If you have had a series of seemingly unrelated injuries that haven’t resolved, then we are the professionals for you. If you have pain that came out of nowhere, then we will find the underlying cause.
We will look at how everything is inter-connected and restore harmony in your body. When these issues are truly resolved, you will rediscover your joy.”


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