Love Note to You! – Galentine’s Edition

Love Note to You! – Galentine’s Edition

Empowerment takes many forms in Barbi’s artworks and illustrations, as seen in series like Whimsical Ladies, Ladies in Red, and Cloud Ladies. Barbi brings you a reminder to celebrate yourself and indulge in play. In the midst of uplifting others, let’s not forget to uplift ourselves. Take this opportunity to share words of inspiration with yourself and carry a reminder always. 

During this workshop you will join Barbi on a journey of self-expression as she guides you in crafting your unique Love Note to You. Unleash your creativity as you create a vibrant self-portrait against a colorful watercolor backdrop. Pick a meaningful quote, and together we’ll bring it to life in art. Dive into Barbi’s Whimsical One’s portrait style with a fun lesson, and don’t forget – there’s plenty of space for your personal flair! Let your creativity shine in this empowering workshop. 

You are encouraged to use the art supplies you have on hand. Here is the suggested supply list:

  • Watercolour paint: liquid, pan or tubes (for background)
  • or any water soluble art supplies.  ex. Tombow Markers, Crayons, Pencil crayons etc.
  • Acrylic paint; white or a skin tone colour of choice (for portrait)
  • Waterproof/resistant black pen/marker or Black acrylic paint with a liner brush. (for portrait)
  • Watercolour or Mixed Media paper
  • Pencil and Paper (for sketching)
  • Quote – chosen before session
  • Hairdryer or Heat gun
  • Spray bottle – an opportunity to reuse
  • Paper towels or rags
  • Something to protect your work surface, if needed

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Love Note to You – Galentine’s Day Session

Love Note to You – Galentine’s Day Session

An uplifting mixed-media workshop that is a bit messy or not, your choice. 🙂 Barbi will guide you in the creation of your Love Note to You. You will create a self–portrait surrounded by a colourful, watercolour background, then we will add a quote. The workshop also includes a lesson in Barbi’s Whimsical One’s portrait style. There is also plenty of room for your own creativity, in fact, this is highly encouraged! And you will be able to create as many Notes to You as you would like within the workshop time frame. Participants are encouraged to have, on hand, their own favourite inspiring quotes. Barbi will bring her favs too. This workshop features liquid watercolours to create backgrounds.

This is a Virtual Event using your own supplies. See below for suggestions. However, my intention is a use what you have, explore your creativity, find inspiration and empowerment while having some fun within a like-minded group.

Basic Supply list:

– Colour: Markers or Pencil Crayons or Paint.
– Black pen/marker
– Paper; for illustration and for sketching
– Pencil
– Quote(s) – Have your favs on hand or I will have a few of my own to share.