Salvage Earrings – Last of the First


This pair of Salvage Earrings is the last pair of a group of 10. They were so much fun to create! They will pair with any outfit you create. They complement each other but are not the exact same, truly unique to each other and any others that will come next!

  • Hypoallergic.
  • Size of only Resin portion (pattern): 4.75 cm long by 3 cm at widest.
  • The full length with jewellery finding: approximately 7cm.


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Fashion from Salvaging what could have been waste.

All my Salvage Series Products or Artwork come from my desire to use all that is created during my art-making process. Here: Resin and Acrylic Paint. When it is time to resin a piece there is a formula that is followed when mixing a 2-part epoxy resin. Because you need to ensure that a whole piece is coated evenly and with enough resin to create that wonderous shiny finish there is about a 10% wiggle room. The result is that often there is a little bit left over. So I thought of earrings and purchased molds so I could use this waste and create something fun and functional.  When painting there is always paint hitting the palette, I peel this off my palette and save it so it can become something other than waste. I actually love pulling paint peels off the palette find it so satisfying! There can also be the delicious mixing of colours and textures. Doodles can also find their way on my palette as I get paint markers or load thin brushes for line work so anything can make up the design of my earrings.

I had such fun creating these! The process was often meditative and yes, there will be more to come. However, because of this process, every earring is unique even to its "match" and there will not often be several pairs in stock. In keeping with my support local values, the earring findings were purchased from McBead Creations.

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Dimensions5 × 7 × .15 in


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