Shhh…. No Peeking

Photo of Little Sisterz's Facebook business page cover photo

First, I have to share how much fun this project was! Gina Vacchio, my client, is an awesome force of energy and joy. She and her family’s, Little Sisterz, a café in Spencerville, Ontario is opening soon. This project began with a chance meeting that bloomed into a wonderful project that captures Gina’s vision. She wanted artwork covering the windows that would create a buzz of anticipation as the reno magic unfolds.

Step one for me is always a sketch! I want to make sure I capture my client’s vision. With Gina, we tweaked my interpretation of her ideas before settling on this final sketch.

Photo of a Digital Sketch

Next was transferring my already completed design to the posters. First sketching out the design, tweaking slightly for the size of the panels and begin to paint. This hand-illustrating and colouring process was energizing, good fun! Here is a video showing the various steps on the “Coming Soon” Poster. The other posters followed the same procedure.

Completed Hand Painted Posters.

This project also has a digital piece as Gina requested a design for her Facebook Business page’s. I decided a re-creation of the store front would be the inspiration. This was the result, again capturing a fun, light and happy vibe that will found in Little Sisterz’s. Here is their Facebook page so you can follow along the journey to opening: 


And finally, I was able to visit beautiful Spencerville as my family and I took in the Spencerville Fair this past weekend. It was wonderful to see my illustrations in person and to know that my client is very happy.

BARK at the Races 2016

As I did last year, I am supporting BARK’s “BARK at the Races fundraiser”. Their biggest fundraising event of the year. I designed many of the sponsor ads that will appear in the race program and the events presentation pamphlet. As well as this promo poster.

A big Thanks to all the sponsors! It was so nice to see so many returning as well as brand new sponsors.

This event is now SOLD OUT! Congrats to BARK! And can’t wait to enjoy this fun event this coming Thursday!


Cake for Lucas Event

Photo of My Daughters Cake

The event was a great success! The cakes were AMAZING!!! Cakes were from; My Gluten Free Bakery, Dolly Doll Cupcake Co, KenzieCakes, Cakes for 2, Raspberry Sweet Tarts, Kimberly Dawn Cakes, Mama Shells Cakes, Cakey Bliss, Wicked Desserts, Busy Bee Cakery. Contact these amazing local (Ottawa) bakeries for your next event!

All the Cakes

The community coming together is a wonderful thing. Seeing the emotional reaction in person of the mom who’s little boy will directly benefit from the monies raised was a privilege. Helping to support by offering my skills and time is always deeply fulfilling for me.

A bonus for me was my youngest daughter decided she had to take part in this fundraising event too. She wanted to bake and decorate a cake too. She loves to do this, just another medium for my little creative soul. She decided on her cake then got to work practicing her piping skills … perhaps with a side benefit of “sneaking” tastes of icing. Two days before the event she baked her cake, wanting no help. The day before the event she got busy; mixing up 6 colours of icing then to the decorating, just a little help. The day of the event, she proudly presented her cake and also got the privilege of seeing directly how hers and everyone’s efforts impacted the mom and also the family.

It was such a great day. I was so happy to share it with my daughter and all the wonderful people involved.

Photo of My Daughters Cake

Cake for Lucas – A Cake off!

I was so inspired designing and illustrating this poster. First, the cause: Raising funds for Lucas’ autism therapy (Life of Lucas) is an ongoing fundraising effort until Government funding kicks in. Second: The event itself! A cake auction featuring local talented cake and sugar artisans who were challenged to make a cake of their own design. I immediately envisioned a line up of fun cakes in a cute bakery store front. When sketching this design I was really loving the feel of the cakes and cake stands in the sketchy, hand drawn stage and wanted to keep that feel. What has resulted is a fun, colourful, whimsical illustrated poster that I feel captures the spirit and energy of the event well.

If you are local to Ottawa this event is just over a week away! You will also be able to bid online at CAKE for Lucas until 3pm. Cake pickups available until 4pm that day! Payment due upon pick up. Catch the organizer, Nicole Novotny and 4 of the fabulous participants and their cakes with Julie Beun on Rogers Daytime Next Wed. Feb 3rd at 11am! May the best cake win!!

Poster for a Fundraiser
Poster for a Fundraiser

A Christmas Giveaway!

Photo of Baby sitting Coupon

A friend contacted me to design a baby sitting coupon for her. And what a great idea! I am a firm believer that these are the kinds of gifts that are truly full of Christmas spirit. What better gift to a young family then Mom and Dad get to have a break. And the kiddos get to stay home and play. So in that spirit. Here is a free download (click here) for you!

Photo of Baby sitting Coupon